Iker Agirregomoskorta Sevilla

Sanidad Animal

Control, Diagnóstico, Epidemiología Molecular, Microbacteriología, Microbiología




Sanidad Animal Investigador Microbiología|Micobacteriología|Diagnóstico|Control|Epidemiología molecular


Iker Agirregomoskorta Sevilla joined the Animal Health Department of NEIKER (Dec 2001) as a PhD student awarded by consecutive fellowships. Iker obtained his PhD degree in Microbiology (University of the Basque Country) studying the molecular characterization, detection and resistance of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis. He was first contracted at NEIKER (Feb 2007) with funds from the European Research Project ParaTBTools; FOOD-2004-T5.4.6.10. He has been working in numerous projects on the study of mycobacterioses, mainly paratuberculosis and tuberculosis. He has a broad expertise in developing molecular diagnostic methods, in molecular epidemiology and in the study of vaccines against mycobacterioses, and has been involved in studies on the association between mycobacteria and human disease and other studies concerning mycobacteria and public health. Dr. Agirregomoskorta is currently working on the development of diagnosis-compatible and protective vaccines against animal tuberculosis.