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Diego Llamazares De Miguel

Producción y Protección Vegetal

Protección de Cultivos




Producción y Proteccíon Vegetal Investigador/a Proteccion de cultivos


Diego has a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of the Basque Country and a master's degree in Environmental Microbiology from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Since the latter, he has worked mainly in different microbiology related areas, especially in molecular biology. During a stay in the United Kingdom, he worked with the detection of grapevine pathogens and he is currently doing a PhD related to the subject in Neiker./The objective of his work is to evaluate the efficacy of alternative commercial products to conventional phytosanitary products against the infection of Plasmopara viticola or grapevine downey mildew. More specifically, the project addresses the use of different commercial products (biostimulants, low risk phytosanitary products or basic substances) in Tempranillo and Viura (Macabeo) varieties. For this, he studies their mechanism of action from a metabolic and genetic point of view.