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Ana Aragonés Sagredo

Producción y Protección Vegetal

Biología Molecular




Producción Vegetal Especialista de laboratorio Biologia molecular, Genética vegetal


Graduated in Biological Sciences in 1984, Postgraduate Course in Plant Genetic Improvement at the IAMZ in 1995. I began my professional career in 1996 at La Granja Modelo de Arkaute (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Basque Government) working in forest genetic improvement including the micropropagation of Pinus radiata. In 1992 and after a training stay in Hilden (Germany) I began to participate in State and European molecular genetic improvement projects, in different agricultural and forest species, using marker-assisted improvement. Since 2004, I have been responsible for the molecular area of external service within the Plant Health laboratory, carrying out varietal identification analyzes through genotyping in various species: Potato, Vine, Tomato, Pepper, Chilli and Bean. Detection, identification and quantification of GMOs in food and feed, as well as identification of pathogens: fungi, viruses and bacteria. Outside the plant field, I carry out affiliation analysis by genotyping in sheep