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Silvia Loscos Fulgencio

Producción y Proteccíon Vegetal

Horticultura, Producción Vegetal




Producción y Proteccíon Vegetal Tecnólogo/a Produccion vegetal-hortícolas


Silvia Loscos is a biotechnologist specialized on industrial and environmental biotechnology. She started at Neiker BRTA developing her master thesis on the characterization of the effect of different cellulosic mulches on the nutritional quality of vegetables, an interesting sustainable alternative to the plastic mulches used nowadays. | Later, she returned to join the department of Plant Production and Protection as a technologist, and today she is working on then implementation of new technologies into greenhouse crop production. At this area, her main activities are focused on three axes: the use of organic fertilizers in hydroponic crops, the analysis of the use of nanobubbles in floating crops and the study of the advantages of applying artificial light using LED technology.