Ramón A. Juste Jordán

Sanidad Animal





Sanidad Animal Investigador Epidemiología, Microbiología, Biología molecular, Inmunología, Patogenia, Diagnóstico, Control, Vacunas, infecciones lentas, rumiantes, inmunidad aprendida, inflamación crónica


Dr Juste has a Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Zaragoza in 1979 and a PhD in 1990. After clinical practice, he started his career at the Basque Country research institute Neiker (then SIMA), where he remains after training in several European and American research centers and a 4 years office as Asturian research center SERIDA Managing Director in 2015. He participated in the first descriptions of several diseases not yet reported in Spain (bovine paratuberculosis, besnoitiosis, hereditary parakeratosis, Oslerus rostratus in cats, etc.) and helped setting up a veterinary diagnostic service later a model for other in Spain. He also led the demonstration of some new epidemiological and pathological concepts like long distance air transmission of blue tongue vector over land, main horizontal transmission of visna-maedi, and description of the epidemio-pathogenic forms of paratuberculosis. Dr Juste has been centered on animal health with an epidemiological and microbiological perspective and a focus on mycobacterial and viral slow infections in ruminants, but also on other domestic and wild species. Dr Juste main current scientific interest is to demonstrate a common innate mechanism for slow inflammatory diseases in animals and humans and its control by active immunotherapy. He has published over 250 scientific papers (h-index 52), led many research projects, adviced 13 PhD successful students, presided two scientific associations and is editor of two scientific journals