Natalia Elguezabal Vega

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Dr. Elguezabal received her PhD degree in Biochemistry at the University of the Basque Country (EHU-UPV). During her research career she has participated in projects on the inhibition of fungal adherence to cells by antibodies (EHU-UPV and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY) and differentiation of neuronal cells in Parkinson (CIC bioGUNE) previous to her work in NEIKER. | Currently, Dr. Elguezabal´s area of expertise is veterinary microbiology and immunology with a special interest in bovine paratuberculosis. Her work focuses on mycobacterial pathogenesis and host-pathogen interactions directed at improving current vaccination strategies. Her research has included the search of immunostimulants and vaccine candidates and the development of infection models for vaccine testing, as well as studying the link between Map and Crohn’s Disease in humans. Furthermore, Natalia is interested in the innate immune response associated to vaccination and she is currently working on the activation of neutrophils in the context of mycobacterial infection, immunity and disease.