Miriam Pinto Tobalina

Conservación de Recursos Naturales

Revalorización de Subproductos Agrarios



Conservación de Recursos Naturales Investigadora Revalorización de subproductos agrarios, bioeconomía circular, restauración de áreas degradadas


Miriam Pinto Tobalina. Ph.D. in Plant Biology and Ecology, and MSC in Environment and Soil Fertility. Senior Researcher at NEIKER. She works developing projects on the nutritional status of pastures, organic wastes recycling, plant chemical composition, oil structure of pasture ecosystems, with particular attention to the environmental aspects of agricultural systems (accumulation of heavy metals, nitrogen metabolism, diffuse pollution coming from agriculture, livestock waste treatment, environmental indicators, global change...). Her work area is focused on organic wastes management and treatment as well as on the sustainable management of agroecosystems enclosing the study of main drivers as climatic change or land use changes. She has been responsible for several European and national projects related to environmental impacts of different forms of agricultural management and new biofertilizers design and production.