Lionel Dupuy

Conservación de Recursos Naturales

Interacción Planta-Ambiente




Conservación de Recursos Naturales Investigador/a Interaccion planta-ambiente


The work of Dr Lionel Dupuy focuses on plant-environment interactions. He develops approaches at the interface between biology, physics and chemistry to characterise how crops explore the soil domain, how interactions take place with micro-organisms, and in turn how a crop acquires and utilise soil resources to grow. He is also actively involved in the development of new technologies to monitor and quantify biophysical processes in situ and in turn to improve mathematical models of the functioning of plant-environment systems. Knowledge from this work helps identify approaches to adapt cropping systems to climate changes. Dr Lionel Dupuy has worked as research scientist at the University of Cambridge (UK), the University of California Davis (USA), The James Hutton Institute (UK) and has been visiting Professor at ESPCI Paris (France). He has participated and lead numerous national and European R+D+i projects and was awarded a prestigious ERC consolidator Fellowship for his work