Leire Jauregi Aizpurua

Conservación de Recursos Naturales

Microbiología del Suelo, Resistencia a Antibióticos en el Medio Ambiente, Salud del Suelo




Conservación de Recursos Naturales Estudiante predoctoral Salud de suelo; Microbiología de suelo; Resistencia anbióticos en el medio ambiente


Her main research area is the evaluation of the possible health benefits and risks for agro-ecosystems derived from the use of organic amendments of animal origin in agricultural soils by using molecular techniques for the evaluation of biological diversity and functionality. Her study focuses on (i) dimensioning the problem of antimicrobial resistance in the livestock-environment niches, (ii) diagnosis of antimicrobial resistance problem and, (iii) proposing agricultural practices and techniques for reducing the problems derived from the excessive use of antibiotics.