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Iratxe Urreta Gomez

Producción y Proteccíon Vegetal

Genética Molecular




Producción y Proteccíon Vegetal Tecnólogo/a Genética Molecular


Iratxe Urreta has more than 15 years of work experience in various aspects of plant biotechnology. She began her scientific career in the field of transgenic plants and their application in drug production. She later worked with heterologous systems based on microorganisms such as bacteria and yeasts. Since 2012 Iratxe has focused on the study and application of microalgae in various sectors and has worked on the isolation of marine microorganisms of nutraceutical interest such as Thraustochytrids. In the last two years she has also collaborated on projects related to the forestry sector, focusing on the study of pinus biodiversity using the microsatellite technique.