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Dániel Patkó

Conservación de Recursos Naturales

Interacción Planta-Ambiente




Conservación de Recursos Naturales Investigadora Interaccion planta-ambiente


I graduated as a biophysicist from the Faculty of Natural- and Information Science, University of Szeged (Hungary) in 2010. Since I started my diploma research, I have worked in the field of label-free biosensors including the development and applications of them. I received my PhD from the Doctoral School of Molecular- and Nanotechnologies, Faculty of Information Technology at University of Pannonia (Hungary) on 12th January, 2016. After I received my PhD I started to work as a postdoctoral researcher at The James Hutton Institute in The United Kindom. I have a strong background in label-free optical waveguide based biosensing. During my PhD work I gained experience in developing instruments and finding good applications for the developed measuring systems. Additionally I familiarized myself with surface chemistry and biological sample handling techniques. To investigate the sensing surfaces, I used AFM and optical microscope techniques. During my postdoctoral years I changed from biosensors to microscopy and plant science. At The James Hutton Institute my job was to design and build a Light Sheet Microscope to observe root-soil-microbe interactions in transparent soil. My job included the development of a chamber system with fluidics for the plants and I worked with both Nafion and FEP based transparent soils.