Beatriz Oporto Alda

Sanidad Animal

Biología Molecular de los Microorganismos, Microbiología, Resistencia Antimicrobianos, Seguridad Alimentaria, Zoonosis




Sanidad Animal Técnico/a Microbiología | Biología Molecular de los Microorganismos |Zoonosis y Seguridad Alimentaria |Resitencia Antimicrobianos


Beatriz Oporto holds a BSc degree in Biochemistry and over 20 years of experience in using classical and molecular microbiology techniques to study animal diseases, with special focus on food-borne bacteria and other zoonosis. |She has participated in the implementation of molecular biology techniques in the lab, collaborated in the development of several R&D projects and performed analytical tests in the diagnostic service. |She has extensive experience in the isolation of the main zoonotic food-borne bacteria and in the determination of antimicrobial resistance patterns (MIC), as well as in molecular biology techniques for the identification and characterisation of these agents. |She is also experienced in the use of bioinformatic tools for nucleotide sequence analysis and is an expert in handling equipment with a certain degree of technical specialization (Sequencer 3130, Thermocycler 7500/7500fast- QuantStudio5, LX 200 Systems Luminex and MIC_Digital Sensititre Vizion visualization systems).