Ainara Artetxe Arrien

Conservación de Recursos Naturales





Conservación de Recursos Naturales Tecnólogo/a Impactos, vulnerabilidad y adaptación al cambio climático en el sector agrario


Ainara Artetxe Arrien (Agronomic Engeneering and Master in Environmental Agrobiology), has been working on R & D projects related to: mineral fertilizers and organic waste applied to grasslands and extensive crops (characterization, agronomic trials, technical aspects of the regulation); reduction of agricultural water pollution (biological and physical-chemical parameters) using vegetative filter strips; reduction of gaseous emissions (NH3 and N2O) by different application techniques (splashplate, trailing hose, injection); climate change in the Basque Country (downscaling of CORDEX scenarios and simulation of its implications for water requirements, crop growth and carbon in soil); greenhouse gas inventories of the Basque Country derived from Agriculture and LULUCF sectors; remote sensing and GIS applications for irrigation determination, greenhouse gas inventories and development of soil cartography (organic carbon content, texture, agrologic classification) for the Basque Country.