PhD.AnaAizpurua Insausti
Researcher - Plant production and protection

Dr. Ana Aizpurua is an expert in soil evaluation and fertilization. As far as fertilization is concerned, she has worked with the different crops of the Basque Country: wheat, barley, sugar-beet, potatoes, fodder corn, grasslands, fruit trees and vineyards. On the other hand, he has experience in precision agriculture. In this sense, he has worked on several contracts with wineries for the use of precision technologies in vineyards in order to carry out a more sustainable management and to obtain wines of high quality. To this end, the variability of the soil and its influence on the vineyard is studied. In cereal, she has also worked in precision agriculture, especially in the use of remote sensing techniques to diagnose the nutritional nitrogen status of cereals and, based on this, to carry out a fertilization more adapted to the needs of the crop. On the other hand, it has participated in various projects related to the evaluation and protection of soils, such as the map of agrological classes of Vitoria-Gasteiz carried out in 2018. It also performs service tasks to farmers by means of fertilization recommendations based on the results of soil and leaf analysis carried out at NEIKER, and she also has experience on the development of expert fertilization programs.

Awards and recognitions
2003. First prize in the VI Fertiberia Award for the best doctoral thesis on agricultural issues for the thesis entitled "Effect of fertilization on growth, nutritional status and production in pear trees".
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