Technology and knowledge transfer to the primary sector

Innovative solutions that improve profitability and sustainability of the primary sector and the agro-food business.
New alternatives and diversification of crops and livestock production.We guarantee the Products quality and food safety.

Environmental sustainability in agricultural and livestock ecosystems and eco solutions for businesses

Assessment and management of natural resources and their interaction with agricultural activities.
Improving the profitability of the company through the sustainable management of its resources. Recovery of waste.

Analytical and advisory services for the primary sector businesses and farms

Analysis of high technical value and expert advice to the agrifood sector
Reference Laboratory of the Basque Government.


Leire Barañano elected as new Board member

The 2018 EFI Annual Conference has elected Leire Barañano, Spain as a new Board member for the period 2018-2021. She is currently the general manager at NEIKER – Tecnalia.

Conference on emerging forest diseases and innovative control strategies of the LIFE HEALTHY FOREST project

After almost three years since the beginning of the Life Healthy Forest project, we have the pleasure of inviting all those who are interested, to an informative day on the results obtained so far, within this interesting project, aimed at the forestry sector.

NEIKER-Tecnalia organizes a conference to share experiences on improving the productivity of sheep

They are part of the European SheepNet project and more than 70 people from 10 countries are expected to attend

NEIKER-Tecnalia obtains microalgae flours for use as healthy food ingredients with high nutritional value

They can be used to prepare pasta, bakery products, yoghurts and meat preparations